A nice song from Taylor Swift to find some regular and irregular verbs in the simple past. Fully editable. Gestures and activities to use with the “Past Irregular Verbs Song” The song is quite fast so it may be difficult for students to keep up with gestures – you can either just have everyone sing along (using the song poster) or doing gestures as well. This song is also on page 2 of the preterite conjugation sheet.. I like to use songs to practice or reinforce grammar, specifically verb tenses like the simple past. Table to complete. In the additional exercises you can focus on describing how people feel (I … Thanks for your comments, Victoria The 4 verses are sung twice – the second time the past tense verbs are only whispered, so here students can shout out the correct words. ID: 88348 Language: English School subject: English as a Second Language (ESL) Grade/level: A2 Age: 12-17 Main content: Irregular verbs Other contents: Add to my workbooks … When it comes to learning English language you might find it hard to learn all the English irregular verbs. Why not simply listen to an adventurous story and learn more than 100 of the most important irregular verbs along the way? Use the list below to learn all your irregular verbs! Irregular verbs song Song with irregular verbs. Online activity to practise the simple past/ irregular verbs. Based on MrAggregator's YouTube video Irregular verbs song, Max the Cat, Part 1. Dana Gavrila. Select the verb to read and listen to the verb forms. Irregular Verbs Cat Song Part 1 (out of 3) Drilling of 7 irregular verbs through listening, writing, speaking. FluencyMC uses a catchy rap song to teach the forms of some of the most common irregular verbs. This song helps you remember the yo forms of some of the common irregular verbs in the preterite.. Schoolhouse Rock is a classic cartoon with fantastic music you’ll be singing for days after you hear it. If it sounds familiar that is because it is to the tune of ‘ La cucaracha ‘. To help you with remembering quite of few of those irregular verbs, I’ll share a song I learned back in high school! be. Rebecca Leivers (Leadsinger on many songs of the Nursery Rhyme Collection), tells you the 3 forms of each verb slowly. It was a very successful activity in my classes.I hope you´ll enjoy it too. This song is great for teaching Past Simple, as it has a lot of verbs, both regular and irregular (thought, saw, showed, came, adored, changed, had, crawled, etc.). Base form: be /bi/ Past simple: was, were /wəz, wɒz, wə(r), wɜː(r)/ Past participle: been /bɪn, biːn/ become. Fully editable. Școala gimnazială „Emilil Racovi Racoviță” din Onești / Teacher Dana Gavrilă - January 2015 Stick-stuck-stuck ck Fluency MC 3,20 minutes The microphone I TAKE-T TOOK-TAKEN You SHAKE-SHOOK-SHA HAKEN WAKE-WOKE-WOKEN tto the style I’m creating. This adorable cat video tells a story while teaching the verbs. irregular verbs exercise. THINK-THOUGHT-THO HOUGHT, SEEK-SOUGHT-SOUGHT. Irregular verb list & audio. A nice song from Taylor Swift to find some regular and irregular verbs in the simple past. lyrics-irregular verbs rap song. Songs as introduction to past simple. By Frency86 Lyrics of four songs (so you or your students can choose the one you/they like better) in which students should detect the past simple fo... 6,712 Downloads .